Venues: Global view of the Jinam Sports Park in Yeosu where in first plane the 200m banking track is observed and to his around the 400m asphalt ciruit where will be held the road competitions.
From August 30th, Yeosu will host for the first time the CIC World Roller Speed Skating Championships and will be the opportunity to presents first level venues to receive the premier event of our sport in every season.

The Jinam Sports Park of Yeosu received small modifications for the occasion since it counted on excellent facilities to lodge a first level event.

The 200m banking track was repainted completely and has official homologation of the International Speed Skating Committee (CIC), and organ dependent of the International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS).

The major modifications were done on the road circuit to extend the length to the 400m. For it a asphalted internal street bordering to the complex was taken and a new corner was built to unite the scene. Indeed that corner is very tiny and will require great technical aptitudes to take advantage during the competitions.

The complex offers great facilities for the public and the skaters with a big main stand, an covered VIP stand, press room, anti-doping control room, restrooms and bar.
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