City: With more than 300 thousand inhabitants, Yeosu is located in the bay of the same name to borders the Korean Strait in one of the greatest archipelagoes of the world.
Located 350 Km away from Seoul, Yeosu is one of the most important cities of the south of Korea and it is located within the territory of the South Jeolla Province in the coasts of the Korea Strait which unites the East of China Sea and the Japan Sea.

Historically, Yeosu has played an important role in the defense of Korea by, among others, embodying the spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and his adherents, who overcame the Japanese invasion of 1592. It has long been known for its fine harbor and sophisticated agriculture and fisheries industries.

The last city foundation data from 1998 when the Old Yeosu City, which was founded in 1949, Yeocheon City, founded in 1986, and Yeocheon County were merged into a new city.

Actually, beyond the fishing –that continues playing a key roll in the local economy-, the chemical and oil chemical industries stands out on the rest of activities. Also the Yeosu Harbour is one the most important of the country because its strategic location.

Surrounded by the sea, Yeosu commands a panoramic view of an archipelago centering on Gamak Bay and Yeoja Bay. Scenery is outstanding, in many ways mimicking a beautiful watercolor painting. As a city flanked by mountains and hills gently sloping southward, Yeosu has relatively little flat land.

317 islands compose the Yeosu archipelagoes which of them are connected by land, 45 are inhabited and 268 are uninhabited.

Thanks to consistent ocean breezes and warm currents, Yeosu enjoys milder summers and winters than other regions of Korea. The city also boasts longer spring and autumn seasons than other areas. The average annual temperature is 14.5℃ and annual precipitation averages 959.8 mm.
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